The Band

Born in a crossfire hurricane of beer, folk music and cheese crackers, Glorystrokes welds together the skills of some of England's finest folk dance musicians to create a uniquely metallic sound. Melding the traditional folk insturments of britain with rock guitars and arcane technology they have been wowing audiences and gaining new fans across generations. They offer ceilidh music like no one else.


Rich - Melodeons

The first man to use the melodeon to replace his decaying lungs, he now can't stop playing without losing the ability to speak, or stand up. Battling valiantly through his addiction to prescription footwear, Rich gained his name because of his unique, buttery aroma.


Nige - Bass

Having had his inner ears transplanted from a whale in a tragically drunken Marine Biology prank, Nige only hears subsonic frequencies. As a result of this, He left his former employment as a Dolphin trainer at the Basingstoke Sealife Centre and embarked on His new calling as a Bass Wizard. Winner of Radio Times "Thumb of the Year" award for 1834, 1922, and 1976.


Tom - Drums

Despite having his heart replaced with a 3 stroke petrol engine at an early age, Tom has lead a fairly normal life. Embracing what he calls his "tank", He manages to keep a mostly perfect rhythm. Tom's drumming is not as heavy as it used to be due to having been converted to un-leaded.


Lee.0.D. - Keyboards and Guitars

Someone has to maintain the team. The crazed, over-modified, scientific brain of "The Doctor" can replumb, rewire and reprogram anything. Since his completion in the late 40s, Lee has gone through several guises with his current owner, Baseball pro Albert Pujols settled on the classic "rock scientist" look.

Lee O.D.

James - Mandolin and Cittern

Legendary Australian Goth-mime James spent five years rotting in a leaky boat. After significant lubrication, the antipodean beauty's propensity for digit waggling excesses is back to the standard of its much lamented early 1920s hayday.